Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is here..sort of

It's been about 6 month since I've posted on here. I'm so horrible about doing this, but I'm gonna try and do better. Anyways, its now April 12, Easter. After going thru an ice storm, a spring snow and lots of rain, the Hatmaker family is ready to see what God has for us the rest of the year. Today was the last of our 3 Days event at church. This event spanned 3 Sundays re-telling the story of Jesus' Compassion, Sacrifice, and Triumph during his short life here on earth. The cast and crew were absolutely great. More importantly, the message was heard loud and clear. This weekend we had 3 services at our FBCS campus and 3 services at our CPH campus. Alone at the FBC campus, we had around 5,000 people attend combined over 2 days, with 30+ new believers. AMAZING!!! God is good!

We also did our Easter stuff with Sarah and Ethan on Saturday because it was really pretty outside, and the fact that today, it has rained all day long and not warm at all. So below are a couple of pictures from their day.

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